The Hop, Inc.

Our deepest passions and rewards: We enjoy teaching children and preparing them for kindergarten. We show each and every child love, caring and compassion throughout each day. We enjoy coming up with new and creative ways to teach each child so we meet each child's learning style. We understand each child is different and learns in different ways so we teach in many different ways so each learning style is taught. 

About Us

Tadpoles- Infants 2 weeks-1 year. This program provides a loving, nurturing and caring environment which allows caregiver to provide flexibility for each invidividual schedule. Each infant has a primary caregiver which gets to know each child and love and teach them.

*shares room with Pollywogs

Pollywogs- 1 year-3 years of age. This program provides a loving, nurturing and caring environment while adding some structured activities to their day. These structured actitivies include, circle time (songs and book), gross motor activities, fine motor activities, sensory, some group activities, individual which encourages independent and social time and outdoor play. 

*shares room with Tadpoles

Tree Frogs- 3 year-4 year. This program provides a supportive, loving, and caring environment while encouraging them to be good learners. This program starts introducing the early concepts of reading, writing, mathematics. We teach some of this through Zoo-phonics, singing, hands-on, Spanish and French. We teach music, art and gym class weekly. We begin learning the letters, sounds of the letters and many more discoveries everyday. We encourage independence with dressing themselves, using the bathroom and basic hygiene.

*Shares the room with Spotted Frogs

Spotted Frogs-4 year-5 year. This program continues the education from the Tree Frog level, but gets them prepared to enter into elementary school. We teach them the beginning steps of sight words and reading, handwriting, mathematics (addition and subtraction), science. 

*Shares the room with Tree Frogs

Bullfrogs- School age Camp- This program is a fast-paced, fun-learning program! We keep the children busy through physical activity, teamwork, hiking, biking, field trips. We teach them a broad aspect of games from physical activity to cards and board games. We encourage age appropriate summer learning such as mathematics, writing, reading and arts and crafts.